Kein Mehr Schimmernd Neon Licht

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

With the news this week that Hyundai will replace Sanyo as advertiser in a multi-million pound deal with Land Securities to advertise on London’s Piccadilly lights also comes the news that there will now no longer be any Neon in the area come this autumn.

As part of the deal Hyundai will convert the space from a Neon sign to an LED screen and with the Neon sign used by TDK already having been replaced by 16mm Barco powered by Scala late last year that’s it for Neon in the highly trafficked area.

Hyundai will actually join Coca-Cola, TDK, Samsung and McDonald’s on the lights this Autumn we understand. Various UK marketing rags reported that the deal “was thought to have cost Hyundai about £2m per year”.

London’s Piccadilly is one of the world’s most famous outdoor advertising sites and is seen by more than 34 million people a year.

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