Moneycorp: DS In Airports Work

Geny Caloisi

Currency exchange company Moneycorp has released results from their recent campaign at Gatwick Airport which highlight how the campaign delivered a commercial advantage to the advertiser.

Moneycorp’s campaign ran across Eye’s Digital Eyelite and 6 sheet networks in Gatwick’s South and North terminals throughout a four week period in April earlier this year.

Having conducted an analysis of transactions after the campaign concluded, Moneycorp states that their airport campaign offset the seasonal dip in penetration rates which typically occurs at this time of year. In addition to sustaining penetration rates, Moneycorp also saw their average transaction value increase by 4% compared to their full year average.

Gary Pitt, Retail and Marketing Manager, Moneycorp said: “We were very happy with the visibility of our campaign around Gatwick Airport. We got some great coverage at key locations and feel our message was impossible to miss.”

Mark Kaye, Client Sales Manager, EYE said: “It’s fantastic news that Moneycorp’s campaign delivered such a strong advantage for them. Airport proximity campaigns can be extremely effective in delivering increased profitability for advertisers.”

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