UK’s Community Network down under

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The UK’s Community Network (formerly SubPostmaster TV) announced earlier this year that it would branch out (no pun intended) to Australia and indeed the advertising funded network is now in post offices, convenience stores and doctor?s’ medical centres.

Emulating the British business model, The Community Network formed an agreement with the Australian Post Office Agents? Association (I am told that a similar model is used when deploying screens into convenience stores).

Finding locations for screens which would attract community attention also led The Community Network to expand the network into medical centres – an agreement here with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners permits the installation of screens showing a mixture of state healthcare information interspersed with the adverts which fund the network.

Over 20 surgeries and a further 200 post offices and convenience stores have signed up to the network to date.

As they do in the UK, The Community Network have continued using Dynamax’s POVng software (a Windows PC based system).

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