106 bank branch rollout for Permanent TSB

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Permanent TSB, the retail banking arm of Irish Life and Permanent PLC is very close to finishing the rollout of a 106 bank branch screen network in Ireland. Deployment commenced in September and will be completed by the end of November 2007.

I understand that Permanent TSB will use the new screen network to communicate product information to branch customers during retail banking hours and outside of these hours they will leverage the channel to communicate with branch staff (very similar then to Cisco’s HSBC Live TV network in the UK).

The Permanent TSB network will be extended into the banks corporate offices in order to extend the staff communications channel.The banks signage network will be operated by SL Graphics, who adopted Ryarc’s CampaignManager as their service delivery mechanism back in 2006.

Darach Kelly, Managing Director of Radiant Ireland, the folks behind the deal was quoted as saying “We are pleased to announce this significant development in digital signage in the retail banking sector. Permanent TSB have shown vision and leadership by their commitment to a dedicated customer channel. Our content and operation partner, SL Graphics has leveraged CampaignManager’s delivery platform to provide vibrant and engaging content to the bank’s customers and employees.”


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