“Wallet Power” – you thought your networks were big!!!!!!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you thought your networks were big then take a look at the size of just TWO of the networks being deployed in India at the moment…

Reliance Retail Business, part of Reliance Industries Ltd (INDIA) is launching a global Digital Signage Service in 1,000 Hypermarkets and 2,000 retail stores – that will be close on 100,000 screens!

See http://www.ril.com/

Separately, on July 11th 2007, Future Media launched Future TV channel which is being shown in Future Group retail stores such as Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Pantaloon and Home Town in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Further to my note previously about the need for the Digital OOH market to enter the mainstream, Future TV yesterday took a quarter page advertisement in “Brand Equity” – a marketing supplement in one of the leading Indian business dailies (think FT / WSJ sort-of thing).

Future TV have a clever tag line, “Wallet Power”. You can see an interesting (to say the least) Flash animation of their brand and messaging in action at…


The Future Media initiative across its own stores is likely to yield approximately 200 Million Footfall per annum.

It’s being launched in phases; phase one sees the rollout of 1,000 screens and then another 10,000 screens during the rest of the year.

The technology architecture has been done by Konzern Infotech, with hardware from HCL and software by Australian company Ryarc Media Systems.

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