The SeeSaw Is Gone

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Back in November we wrote ‘SeeSaw Margery Daw, Teeter-Totter’ and it now looks like SeeSaw Networks is definitely toast.

Their web site url no longer resolves. We know that there were a couple of people sniffing around the IP that they had but we don’t believe that there were any bidders for the company as a whole.

2 Responses to “The SeeSaw Is Gone”

  1. Best software, Worst strategy. Ever. Says:

    seesaw’s epitaph.

    gone for months now. none of the imitators & aggregators will see 2013.

  2. Sixteen:Nine – More Evidence SeeSaw Is Done Says:

    […] not had any luck working contacts and verifying the rumored demise of SeeSaw Networks, but a website that no longer works was and is a pretty strong indicator. Now […]

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