Dynamax Moves Customer To The Cloud With IAdea

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Dynamax Technologies has just announced that it has successfully helped its client Review Systems to replace SD card players with XMP-130 Wireless Media Appliances running their digitalsignage.NET cloud service.

The XMP-130 media appliance was, we are told, selected for its extremely attractive price point. Combined with the digitalsignage.NET service, priced at GBP8 a month or 0.26pence a day and runs on the cloud to manage displays virtually anywhere in the world, the solution easily makes DVD players and SD card players obsolete.

The solution is especially attractive to companies like Review Systems Ltd. who focuses on “providing affordable innovative in-store marketing / information systems to a diverse range of organisations.”

Dynamax’s Howard Smith told us “Based in Blackpool, Lancashire the multimedia company specialises in building and managing advertising networks in locations such as MOT dealerships, insurance brokers or finance offices across the UK. Selling advertising space to more than 120 clients, Review Systems uses digitalsignage.NET to schedule and publish ads on its network of screens. The company has more than 10 years experience in the digital signage industry and has recently decided to replace SD cards with our cloud- based content management software.”

Yorkshire-based Independent Motor Auctions is one of the first end-users of the system, with screens located in the main show room and reception area.

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  1. John C. Wang Says:

    By the way, XMP-130 is a product from IAdea: http://www.iadea.com/product/XMP-130

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