ECOtality Charging Stations Choose Wireless Ronin

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Wireless Ronin Technologies, Minneapolis-based marketing technologies solutions provider, has been selected by ECOtality Inc., a San Francisco-based company involved in clean electric transportation and storage technologies, to support the media and advertising capabilities for ECOtality’s Blink network of electric vehicle charging stations.

This agreement represents a pilot phase of deployment where ECOtality will use the RoninCast digital signage solutions to strengthen its media and advertising capabilities for the Blink DC Fast Charge systems that are being deployed across 18 metropolitan areas in the U.S..

“This deployment reflects our ability to offer flexible digital marketing solutions that can easily integrate with existing networks,” says Scott Koller, CEO, Wireless Ronin. “Our experience providing marketing technology solutions in the automotive industry throughout the nation made us the ideal partner for ECOtality.”

Wireless Ronin will provide the software and manage integrating the RoninCast platform with ECOtality’s Blink advertising network. This solution strengthens ECOtality’s ability to deliver advertising campaigns to different markets with the touch of a button. The result is a streamlined, externally managed advertising platform that will showcase audio and video advertisements across digital media players at each DC Fast Charge station.

“Wireless Ronin was selected based on its proven experience deploying solutions of significant scale and demonstrated ability to deliver ROI to customers through its appealing digital content platforms,” says Paul Gordon, CTO, ECOtality North America. “We are confident that Wireless Ronin will strengthen our advertising platform to provide an engaging experience for electric vehicle drivers. Smart partnerships like this enhance our customer offering as we continue to build out the largest connected charging network in the country.”

The Blink Network of charging stations provides electric vehicle drivers the freedom to travel as they choose and conveniently charge at Blink commercial locations along the way.

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