What’s Really Going On At The InStore Broadcasting Network?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have often wondered how stressful it is working for certain CEOs in our industry and now we know – well at least we likely do with regard Rob Brazell, CEO of InStore Boxing Broadcasting Network but after you read this story you will no doubt, like us, question what is really going on in this Salt Lake City based business.

KUTV reported yesterday that “A top executive at a Salt Lake City advertising firm is behind bars after he allegedly grabbed a bat and threatened his boss during a heated meeting”.

Said executive was none other than Mark E. Oleksik, the President and Chief Financial Officer of InStore Broadcasting Network.

Salt Lake City police say that he was meeting with his boss, around 6:30pm Monday night.

“The meeting was not going the way that he wanted,” said Sergeant Shawn Josephson, of the Salt Lake City Police Department and so “he left the meeting angry”. According to police, soon after, Oleksik returns, and he has a baseball bat, and a few choice words for his boss. Allegedly Oleksik held the bat over his shoulder while he threatened his boss.

Police were called and Oleksik was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. No one was injured, and Oleksik is no longer in jail.

But is that the end of the story? Well we are pleased that no-one got hurt and pleased that no one is in jail but I guess someone has lost their job. Whilst IBN have not made much noise about this (indeed, why would they), it’s interesting to note that nearly all of the senior management has left the business recently.

With this very dramatic exit for poor old Mark, we believe that only Robert V. Brazell (Executive Chairman), Joel Ballstaedt (VP and Controller) and Doug Burton (VP Creative Services) are left and by our reckoning they have 15,000 music player PCs in the field and yet no one running their IT department!

7 Responses to “What’s Really Going On At The InStore Broadcasting Network?”

  1. Too Funny Says:

    So finally someone did what so many others have wanted to do. Interesting that it was the CFO. Maybe his GAAP flexibility wasn’t up to IBN’s and Rob’s nimble standards.

  2. John Morgan Says:

    Strike infinity.

  3. Not Funny at All Says:

    Taking a bat into a meeting in a threatening posture is never okay, and it isn’t funny. It’s a clear sign of mental illness. What Mr. Oleksik did was wrong under any circumstances. That said, I think we should all be concerned about his condition and should hope for the best for him and his family. I truly hope he gets some good mental health care.

  4. Not Funny at All is not Funny at All Says:

    Sure he’ll be a big hit at the next DSE

  5. Too Funny Says:

    No this is true. We have a plethora of CEO’s and Chairmen in this business who are complete jerks. It’s not funny that someone got pushed too close to the edge of the cliff. But I have been there and pulled back. I know there are always two sides to every story, and I doubt we will learn this one. Rob’s an intimidating guy. I feel for Mr. Oleksik. There are a bunch of people you just don’t want to work for in this industry. Talk to a half dozen vets and you will figure it out because we all know who they are.

  6. Too Sad Says:

    Rob Brazell has bilked investors, partners, and employees out of tens of millions of dollars. I’m confident Mr. O is not the first and probably won’t be the last to try and knock Rob into the cheap seats. I feel sorry for anyone that has to be in the same state as Rob Brazell let alone in the same company. Not Funny at All doesn’t understand which side of the table the mental illness really resides.

  7. Look Deeper Says:

    I know the Oleksik family. Thank you Too Sad for the accurate insight. After months of building frustration, pressure and helplessness, Mark reached for a bat that was in his office and carried it into his next meeting with Brazell. It was a poor choice made to express his being at the end of his rope. No threat was made with the bat. It was there in the room. The police were called and Brazell milked and exaggerated the details. It’s an outrageous story made much worse in the handling of it. Look at the players involved here and their track records.

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