Digital Advertising On @InCharged Charging Stations

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We will hopefully be interviewing InCharged, founder Jessica Gonzalez very shortly but ahead of that we thought we’d take a quick look at another spin on mobile phone charging kiosks.

InCharged offer…

  • InFuse-A is a wall mountable or table top kiosk, with a 15 inch HD LCD Screen that can play commercials AND it can charge up to 10 phones simultaneously
  • InVolved (coming soon) is a free standing cellphone kiosk with WiFi, Touch Screen, and Remote Monitoring

I slightly worry when I read some of the marketing fluff on their web site.

I quote “InCharged is a new advertising medium … We are in the process of turning a simple challenge of modern life – the urgent need people have to keep their smartphones and other mobile devices charged … into a fundamentally new way to advertise, attaching a marketing message to a genuinely appreciated service, charging stations, free to the end user”.

It’s not a ‘new advertising medium’ of course and the hope that a free ‘any deployment’ funded by advertising has been a pipe dream for many.

Let’s hope that the company joins an industry association, say for example the DPAA and learns from the mistakes of others.

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