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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Tom Nix, Vice President-General Manager at Dynamax Technologies LLC kindly pointed out that there are a couple of OOH folks taking part in events at CES this week.

The most notable of which is this Friday 9th January between Noon – 1:00 PM…

Track III – DH10 – Digital Hollywood

Out-of-Home Advertising: Video Networks, Retail and Digital Landscapes Just as the web, mobile and desktop technologies enhance the user experience and expand the content and commerce palate, so is the out-of-home, every-environment digital experience being revolutionized. Digital information, entertainment and advertising content are now becoming accessible wherever broadband, kiosks, and wall-screens can reach. And as the every-environment digital experience evolves, customers are being catered to in a personalized digital environment, experiencing all the audio, visual and interactive techniques otherwise available on the Net. From the personalized software to the high definition visual technology, digital environments are transforming the out-of-home experience just as it transformed the home and office.

Panel representatives include: –

  • Mitzi Reaugh, General Manager, NBC Digital Health Network
  • David Leider, CEO, Destination Media and Gas Station TV
  • David Teichner, CEO, Channel M
  • Kelly Dempski, Director for Human Computer Interaction Research, Accenture Technology Labs
  • Ralf Schliephake, Head of Product- & Sales Management, Out-of-Home Media, Deutsche Telekom
  • Shawn Gentry, President and Chief Operating Officer, TableTop Media
  • Tom Nix,Vice President and General Manager, Dynamax Technologies, LLC
  • Allison Dollar, CEO, ITV Alliance

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    What is the location of this event? It is not shown in the posting.

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