It’s Good To Be Us / Cisco DMS Team

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As part of the most recent round of job cuts at Cisco news reaches us that Cisco has killed its direct sales force within its DMS Business unit.

Apparently for the past few weeks Cisco management have been scrambling around attempting to beef up the distribution model for said solution.

Unfortunately it means that there have been lots of layoffs, including we believe; Mike McFall, David Hamady, Dennis Keller and Bill Stewart.

Francisco Pinyol (was Europe Middle East and Africa Regional Manager for Cisco’s Digital Media solutions) setup a LinkedIn group entitled ‘It’s Good To Be Us / Cisco DMS team” which is described as a “Private group made of former Cisco DMS team members to keep in touch” (created: July 24, 2012 members currently: 63).

Now whether that’s former ‘Cisco DMS team members’ and / or former Cisco employees (as well) we don’t know but we have seen a lot of our newsletter emails bounce back in the past 48 hours – Francisco Pinyol was one (bounce back) for example and we also note that Chris Hartley joined the group It’s Good To Be Us / Former Cisco DMS team.

Former Manager, Emerging Technology Marketing Michelle Carlson obviously got out when the going was good as we see that she jumped ship (to Juniper Networks) back in January.

It’s a very strange alumni group because despite all the hype and paid for market research that gave them a supposed ‘number one market share globally’ they had so much potential but didn’t actually achieve anything.

6 Responses to “It’s Good To Be Us / Cisco DMS Team”

  1. Craig Hanna Says:

    Good post, Adrian! This development is certainly going to ruffle some feathers for those who have invested so heavily in the Cisco DMS platform.

    For those who are concerned with protecting that investment, not only can Industry Weapon support Cisco digital signage now and into the future, but we also support PC, Linux, Mac and Android-based players to help customers with future deployments. Visit our site or give us a call 877-344-8450.

  2. Larry Lamb Says:

    Also available at Grassfish;, solutions for Cisco DMP’s , PC’s and Linux.

  3. Danny Boyle Says:

    There are also a number of alternatives that actually work. Since the person who chose Cisco is probably also elsewhere now, there is no reason to protect a silly investment. Do some diligence.

  4. James Says:

    Innovate or parish. Guess they shouldn’t have let the Carnell kid get away.

  5. Tom Milner Says:

    Cisco had some kind of signage platform?? Who knew?!

    People actually paid for this? Oh wait, maybe not.

    Sad for all the guys from Cisco that lost their jobs but I would say that they would be better employed in Signage elsewhere.

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