NA Mobile Traffic Explodes During @London2012

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The 2012 Olympic Games are definitely the first big mobile games, with mobile devices in use as never before, surpassing early numbers from both the Beijing summer and Vancouver winter Games.

Medal count on the morning August 6

In Canada mobile traffic has been five times the average with the free CTV Olympics London 2012 and RDS olympiques pour Londres 2012 Apps approaching one million downloads in the first week.

In the US, with its much larger population, NBC streamed 64 million video clips on digital platforms over the first few days of Olympics coverage, and 45% of them have gone to tablets and smartphones.

Mobile devices are bringing more than 60% of the traffic to digital platforms carrying London 2012 Olympic Games coverage from Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. Almost 90 million page views have been reported from the Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium’s digital platforms that include,, and the CTV Olympics London 2012 and RDS olympiques pour Londres 2012 Apps.

“The mobile traffic is staggering,” says Mark Silver, head of digital at the Consortium, in a release. “Live sports trend toward mobile access. However, to have audiences engage with us via mobile platforms in such great numbers lets us know that these Games are really important to Canadians, and that they are staying with us for the action throughout the day.”

Additionally, with the Consortium making coverage available for purchase, Olympic downloads of Bell Media programs on iTunes have increased 690% over the previous week, especially key London 2012 moments including the Opening Ceremony and select Canadian and international marquee performances.

In the US, NBC Olympics apps already have been downloaded over 6 million times in the first few days.

Overall, NBC says that 28 million people came to already, an increase of 8% over the last summer games. The level of video serving has already exceeded that of the Beijing Games.

And, yes, this writer has added to the numbers. I’ve just downloaded several video clips of the women’s gymnastics to my iPhone. Watching the ‘flying squirrel’ on her way to the Gold for the US is a keeper on my screen. And if the Canadian Gold for trampoline is ever made available …

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