Amigo’s New Brand Identity

Alex Hughes

Today sees the roll out of Amigo’s new brand identity including the launch of a new website. Over the past few months we have been doing some naval gazing and have re-designed our brand and associated collateral. The new identity sees us dropping the word ‘digital’ and simply retaining our name as ‘Amigo’.

amigoThe underlying principle of our company, developing the highest quality content for many different types of digital channels (billboards, events, media ribbons, YouTube, video walls) remains the same.

Our typeface is slightly softer, more approachable and we have introduced a coloured creative device which we can use when animating our logo which represents a speech mark – conversations that we have between our clients and ourselves. Essentially it is cleaner and less cluttered.

As is our new website – an online portfolio of work that can be easily updated and added to on a rolling basis – we are letting the work speak for itself.

We also have a presence on Behance, a social space for creative work and we have updated our Twitter account; @amigodigital – so, expect to see regular daily tweets from my creative team in London.

For further information contact Alex Hughes – – or take a look at our latest projects at

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