Gillette Launches New Phenom Razor

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

iblink best known perhaps for its work with Titan and its D6’s and its work with UK retailer Superdrug is starting to re-invent itself / or at least add to its credentials as a technology-enabled digital marketing and brand experience agency. Here we see them helping Gillette launch its new Fusion Power Phenom razor on a wide variety of digital media across central and greater London.


Via Titan at the 10 major London railway termini there will be digital poster advertising aimed at building brand awareness whilst a campaign linked to Superdrug will encourage store visits by advertising various special promotions.

iblink Managing Director Alex Johns told us “This programme – our most ambitious yet – uses iblink’s knowledge databank to deliver what we can confidently predict will be a great success for both brand and retailer alike”

Product purchase will be further encouraged in and around Superdrug outlets we are told by near-store and in-store brand ambassadors undertaking product demos and offering competition prizes (think street teams a la Pixman / Adwalker style).

The street teams are armed with (oh no) ‘bluecasting’ pods housed in branded Gillette rucksacks and their purpose is to drive shopper traffic both by proximity mobile messaging and traditional leafleting.

Lastly it seems that iblink’s own in-store teams will demo the new razor and Gillette’s associated Shave Care range (emphasising of course the benefits of a 3 step shaving and skincare routine).

The digital poster campaign breaks in the last week of February. It also advertises a prize promotion and includes a ‘text-for-your-nearest-store’ message.

The experiential events, supporting Superdrug’s 50 biggest outlets, take place on 27th February.

3 Responses to “Gillette Launches New Phenom Razor”

  1. Dan Says:

    Why the neg about Bluecasting?!

  2. Jorge Garcia de Bustos Says:

    Because “bluecasting” is to Bluetooth what Spam is to email: blunt, ineffective and intrusive. Plus let’s face it, these days most handsets either have Bluetooth disabled by default to extend battery life, or direct connections need prior authorisation from the phone’s owner.

    If that is the best use of technology that the Gillette marketeers can come up with, they need a lot of help.

  3. Steph Says:

    bit of generalised statement Jorge:

    “let’s face it, these days most handsets either have Bluetooth disabled by default to extend battery life, or direct connections need prior authorisation from the phone’s owner.”

    i’ve done some recent tests on this and was surprised that most phones don’t have bluetooth disabled.

    combine that with accept or reject offer, well that is most unlike spam.

    further, when you factor in the local element of this kind of campaign I don’t think in general that people will react in the same way as they do to spam which is a cold, often global virtual crowbar.

    perhaps people might like to get a 2 for 1 offer from a restaurant they already know in the local area because they were just thinking about where to meet their partner after work.

    so. are you going to be the one to ‘help’ Gillette or are we going to have a discussion about how SME’s can get the edge and just plain survive.

    add to that the fact that local councils will be putting something in place to stop leaflet for environmental reasons and the bluetooth methodology becomes more compelling.

    i’ve an idea that the first companies in on this with any scale will do well, I can see that you guys in OOH may not welcome it because it threatens those upward curves predicted in 2009 for digital screen ads.

    think of bluetooth as a gentle interruption to to say would you like one of these?

    I guess the prospects and buyers will decide?

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