Adwalker Goes Down Under

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Adwalker has just announced a new licensing agreement with an Australian company called 808 South.

Under the agreement Adwalker will provide 808 South with access to as many Adwalker units required for lease hire, operating and logistics guidelines, training, marketing and technical support and regional exclusivity.

This is clever as it gives Adwalker (simple) access to a new territory.

Iain Crittenden, Managing Director, 808 South said, “I am extremely pleased with the new agreement, it makes us the first reseller in Australian markets and adds another dimension to our organisation, we can now provide our clients with the world’s most interactive digital platform. I really look forward to working with Adwalker”.

Simon Crisp, CEO, Adwalker said “This licensing agreement allows 808 South to have all the features and benefits the Adwalker platform has to offer, service applications like video games and competitions, vouchers and printouts, product demos, photo marketing and much more. 808 South will be able to offer their clients an interactive, engaging experience with measurable results. The can provide their clients with data capture, drive traffic to their websites, generate leads, act as a point of sale and generally create an all-round unique and memorable experience like no other. I am delighted with this new agreement and look forward to working with 808 South”.

The Adwalker and 808 South agreement starts February 2008 and is expected to expand rapidly in the coming months.

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