KPN’s [@ScalaInc] Store of The Future

Andrew Neale

Scala Inc. tells us that its digital signage technology is playing a key role in KPN’s brand new in-store experience, allowing customers to explore the store as if they were physically inside the KPN website, putting discovery and testing at the centre of the customer experience.

Leading Dutch telecommunications and ICT service provider KPN worked with local systems integrator QYN to develop and bring the concept to life, rolling out Scala’s digital signage technology, including Scala Content Manager and Player.

Pauline Van Der Linden, strategic business developer for retail at KPN told us “To create such an advanced store you really need partners you can trust and who can combine a user centric approach with advanced technology. QYN pulled that off. With their Scala Enterprise-based solution, they have brought our store to life in a way never imagined.”

Scala’s digital signage technology supports a wider multichannel store pilot formula, built around islands of products connected to ‘smart’ 2×4 large format interactive video walls, RFID, electronic price labels (ESLs) and sophisticated queue management, while also integrating other customer contact points such as online shopping and customer contact centres.

Matthijs Buijs, CTO at QYN also told us “In this store of the future, we were forced to stretch the abilities of technology far outside the envelope of digital signage. The way Scala is set up makes for easy integration of triggers like RFID tags and Kinect inputs. The Scala player isn’t scared of an 8k multitouch, Kinect-powered video wall setup with multiple content layers and interactive sessions, while Scala Content Manager is used to streamline the different content channels in the store.”

KPN’s ‘store of the future’ pilot is a sophisticated IT and communications project that also includes audio technology, smart wall controls and other IT systems including climate control, all designed to maximize every aspect of contact with the customer.

Harry Horn, GM EMEA & VP Global Marketing for Scala said “QYN has defined KPN shoppers’ needs as the starting point for all interactive communication within the KPN store. This has resulted in a unique, Scala driven store concept optimizing hyper targeted communication and personalized “guided selling”. KPN and QYN have clearly raised the bar for effective 1 on 1 digital shopper communication with this project.”

KPN is a leading supplier of telecom and IT service and serves a large number of diverse customer groups at home and abroad with a wide range of products and services under various brands; from prepaid call services in the USA to interactive HD television in the Netherlands.

QYN specializes in the integration of media technology in the field of Digital Signage and in-store interaction. QYN powers over 10,000 screens across the Benelux area.

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