Wirespring’s New Product Revealed (Yes, We Scooped Bill Gerba)

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

Introducing Wirespring’s “FireCast Digital Signage Easy Start” – a solution that takes 95% of the functionality currently found in the full-on enterprise class FireCast platform, bakes in a few new features, and rolls it all up in a nice, tasty little player package ,,, and admit it… we are that good – back in October 2008, we talked about this project when it was still in development and today we scoop the famous Bill Gerba – on the launch of his own company’s newest product launch!

I was very impressed to see that you can literally get the player up and running right out of the box, just hook a screen up to this little baby and you are ‘in business’.  It was some smart thinking that lead the folks at Wirespring to develop this product as a solution for the niche market of clients and integrators that are clamoring a more cost-effective option for their stand-alone networks of 10 players or less. Since the this solution is based on Wirespring’s enterprise version, expansion and upgrade is a no-brainer, when your network grows to player number ’11’ you can simply migrate to Wirespring’s full SaaS product line.

The FireCast Digital Signage Easy Start comes in two yummy flavors, a  standard player bundle for USD 1350 or the tricked out version that comes with live TV for USD 1450.

Because I  took some very incriminating photos of Bill Gerba from DSE 2009 in Vegas last month, he’s even offering (until April 30th 2009) DailyDOOH subscribers a USD 100 dollar discount on the purchase of every EasyStart player.

Email DailyDOOH for your subscriber details and coupon offer if you are interested.

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