An Afternoon kaffeeklatsch…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It was purported that over 50% of the visitors to Screen Expo Europe were from overseas (non-UK residents) and anecdotally this seemed to hold up well with the folks that we met and saw.

A show like this doesn’t go on long enough for serious networkers like ourselves (we have politely, I am sure been described as ‘network-tarts’) but the two days was a start in catching up with old friends, colleagues and acquaintances we hadn’t seen for a while – especially from those countries like Germany, Turkey and Greece which we haven’t visited nearly enough recently!

Some gossip from Germany, which as you know we predict to be the outstanding geographical market in 2008…

  • 3SixtyTV may have won a country wide McDonalds rollout contract and we are told could already have installed as many as 200 restaurants!! GetTV have a couple of McDonalds installs that they may have to de-install as a result. We know from our Media Buyer contacts that advertising is already being sold on the network – the Sales agency for them is TripleDoubleU.
  • We have reported previously that Neo Advertising have been working with The Edeka Group but it seems that Metrovision are also in there and have an equal number of venue installs. This is not surprising as the EDEKA Group is the largest German supermarket operator and consists (very much like the UK’s co-operatives) of several cooperatives of independent supermarkets all operating under an umbrella brand.
  • Meybec TV has won the contract with Kaufland (Kaufland is a German hypermarket chain part of the same group as Lidl and Handelshof) and already has approximately 100 sites installed.
  • Lufthansa has installed its own system (a nice example of a ‘self-funded’ network) in 400 travel agency windows. It’s all own brand, no third party advertisements yet (watch this space though).

BTW – ‘kaffeeklatsch’ is an coffee-and-cake gossip session!

Definitions of kaffeeklatsch on the Web:

Kaffeeklatsch is a German phrase translating literally as “coffee chat”. This is the type of casual conversation, small talk and especially gossip …

2 Responses to “An Afternoon kaffeeklatsch…”

  1. David Williams Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Knutsford, Cheshire calling…..FYI – From the very encouraging number of visitors to the IQ Digital Media Networks stand, I can confirm that 29% were from outside the UK.

    I agree that two days is not long enough for networking – spent all my time on the stand talking to prospects!…..Maybe we need three days next year?

    BTW – where were you?!

    Finally, could you please ask the bar sponsors for the Exhibitor Reception why they couldn’t afford more than one glass of wine and a large proportion of the attendees had to cross over the road to the Hand and Flower?

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    David. LOL. Our team were back to back 1:1’s and spent most of the time on the 1st floor in the press area, conveniently located opposite those lovely masseuse ladies.

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