Avanti Screenmedia added to BBC Graphics Roster

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In a testament I believe to the skills, creativity, experience and size of Avanti Screenmedia’s content studio it was announced (rather quietly) yesterday that the BBC has added them to its “motion graphics for factual programming” roster – PHEW! Only the BBC could come up with department titles like that surely?

What does this mean? Well first it is a three year contract and it meanns that Avanti will at times supply 3D graphics for bumper breaks, opening sequences of programmes etc.

Orlando Capitanio, head of creative services at Avanti told us that they had already delivered graphics for several BBC children’s programmes including Level UP and Do Something Different.

He added that “Joining the BBC’s roster of approved companies is a credit to our team’s creativity in the digital field. We’re very excited about working with a world class operator like the BBC.”

Simon Rees says that “The appointment is important on two counts, one, it’s a great testament to the strength and dynamism of our creative offering, and two, it helps to underline that we’re primarily a content-driven media company rather than simply a supplier of screen networks to retailers.”

We have seen a couple of other things that the content studio has been up to and which will be announced and released shortly. There are lots of folks who are not big fans of media networks having in-house studio teams but if they can come up with contracts and business like this in their own right then those non-believers may need to re-think their positioning.

Only Kaleidovision in the UK digital screen network space has a content studio that ranks alongside Avanti’s in terms of size, skill, creativity and reputation. We think we can see where Simon is taking this – his creative folks could really help differentiate him with his clients and customers, brands etc. in the marketplace.

We think a smart move to win business like this. They may have missed out on Tesco’s but hey! they now have a strong relationship with the BBC.

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