The OOH Back To Work Project

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In an effort to help folks in the out-of-home industry that have lost their jobs the OAAA recently created the OOH Back To Work Project.

This project is a group on the business-networking site LinkedIn.

The purpose of which is to provide a space where recently unemployed OOH professionals can showcase their experience, talent and skills – if the group is heavily advertised then it should be well monitored by out of home companies looking to hire talented individuals.

To join this group do a key word search for the group OOH Back to Work Project (or click on the link above).

If you know of someone that has been laid off it might be worthwhile to let him or her know about the group.

Remember that we also have an EMPLOYMENT / JOB OPPORTUNITIES / RECRUITMENT REQUESTS post on our group Digital Out of Home

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