The Strength of Weak Ties

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Many of you will know that I am one of the biggest fans of LinkedIn – the business person’s social networking site!!

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Yesterday saw my network grow to over 1,500 people.

I am always asked how many of these people I know?

The answer is surely “not enough of them”

Anyway of the current 1,500;

  • Between 1/3 and 1/4 of them are most likely digital out of home and web 2.0 related
  • 1/3 of them I definitely do NOT know
  • and the rest are probably recruitment consultants !!!!

To help other people’s LinkedIn networking in the Digital OOH area (I appreciate that not everyone is as serious or as enamoured as I am with LinkedIn), I have create an “Informal Screen” LinkedIn group that is open to owners and senior executives of Digital Out of Home related businesses.

Being a member will give you access to an unprecedented wide range of senior figures within the Digital OOH sector across EMEA. Some of the members at the moment include owners and senior execs at the likes of: –

Kaleidovision, Wirespring, ON, Cube-music, MDM.TV, POSTV, Digital View, Remote Media, The Sound Agency, Quividi,, Demedya, abc-media and Wallflowerglobal

If you qualify as a business owner or senior exec in the industry and you are interested in applying for membership then please browse as below:-

Link to join: (Informal) Screen group:

and I will help you get started.

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