74% of Hammersmith & Fulham (London) Surgeries agree to host The Life Channel

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Today, having been kindly invited by those nice folks at CAN Media, I am off to The Life Channel Launch Event At Chelsea Football Club.

It seems that the Hammersmith and Fulham Primary Care Trust has recently brought The Life Channel to GP surgeries and health centres across the Borough (with regard to Doctor Surgeries then a similar initiative to ProArtzTV in Germany)

As you may know The Life Channel broadcasts information about local services and promotes healthy lifestyles to patients whilst they wait for their appointment – true / enjoyable Captive Audience !

74% of surgeries across Hammersmith & Fulham have agreed to host The Life Channel – adding an estimated half a million footfall (patient visits) in the first year alone.

According to DOOHAN, The Life Channel has 1,130 screens in 1,064 venues: –

  • 950 Surgeries
  • 70 Pharmacies
  • 4 Schools
  • 40 Play Centres

Average dwell time is 27 minutes.

Estimated footfall is almost three and a half million per month.

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