A 182″ (4m x 2m) Screen visible in direct sunlight!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

4, 6, 16, 32, 48, 64, 96 Sheet Sizes

I have been spending a lot of time recently looking at the vagaries of digital screen sizes – especially large format screens – 6 sheets and / or 80 inch diagonal and above.

I have been very impressed with Esprit Digital’s (almost) 6-Sheet double panelled display (those of you in the UK who attended the Screen summer party would have seen one of these in action). They have had a lot of success I believe showcasing this to the traditional outdoor folks.

Although folks like Samsung (Samsung Electronics America) have announced that their SyncMaster DX series will be produced in 40-, 46-, 57- and 82-inch sizes, according to Andrew Murray at iSuppli, “It seems that at present very few manufacturers are producing any LCD or plasma panels much above 65 inch in any WORTHWHILE volume”.

This means that if you were an outdoor business, you would have some difficulty in looking for anything (digital) along the lines of…

4 Sheets which are 72.11 inch in diameter (60 x 40)

6 Sheets which are 85.17 inch in diameter (70.861 x 47.244)

12 Sheets which are 134″ in diameter

16 Sheets which are 144″ in diameter

The options for larger than 65 inch are LED, rear projection or to “tile” 4×40 or 42 inch LCD/plasma panels together.

Last week in Screen Technology’s demonstration suite in Cambridge I saw their newly assembled 182″ (4m x 2m) screen – in a word “fantastic” !

It’s comprised of 24 of their ITrans Modular 34″ video cubes.

The screen resolution of 2448 x 1216 comfortably accomodates 1080 HD video and shows in exceptional clarity high resolution PC images and text.

However, I have to say that it’s always disappointing when technology companies rely on consumer Blueray / DVD releases (Casino Royale in this case but quite often a Pixar release) to try and showcase their screens.

IMO a film (however good the production quality) will not show the technology to best effect nor give a customer an idea of what the screen can do in situ and in real life.

As you know I have been working with Amigo on the Macmillan Cancer Support World’s Biggest Coffee Morning creative (released Monday and you can be sure I will be talking about it and showing you some examples). For this campaign we created unique and bespoke creatives for folks like City Gateway Media – which of course take full advantage of the shape and sizes of the outdoor digital screens that they have (think portrait, a long and thin screen and steam rising from a coffee cup at the bottom to form the words, starting at the top slowly appearing as just one example!!!)

Anyway I digress, the inherent flexibility of this tile / cube technology is that screens of essentially any size or shape can be assembled.

I would expect to see more and more digital outdoor and street furniture look at and use this technology over the coming months.


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