Find Santa in London w/ @Primesight

Maddie Cotterill

Primesight is launching a festive competition to celebrate the expansion of its network of digital roadside 48-sheets, which reaches 50 sites this week.

50Sites Find Santa BMBO (Bham)

The nationwide competition will use Primesight’s digital roadside 48-sheets in five of the UK’s biggest cities and invite the industry to spot Santa as he progresses on his annual rounds.

50Sites Find Santa PW (Manchester)

Every day from December 7-11, each of the five sites in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London will display a cryptic clue hinting at the whereabouts of Santa. Primesight will share the clues with its network of clients, allowing them to guess the location and enter a daily prize draw.

Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight, told us “Our Christmas campaign marks a milestone and highlights the national reach of our digital screens, while offering our clients a fun, interactive way to celebrate the festive season.

“2015 has been an important year for Primesight and has seen real growth in our digital portfolio. Our ambition is to reach 100 digital 48-sheets in 2016, offering exceptional coverage across the UK while providing high-quality advertising solutions and creative opportunities for clients.”

50Sites Find Santa WDL (Liverpool)

Primesight’s ambition is to help drive the market forward, offering a broader array of digital OOH solutions, flexibility and dynamism, while offsetting the concentration of digital billboards in London and allowing advertisers to maximise audience reach and improve targeting across the UK. Indeed, Primesight’s Marketing & Insight Director Mungo Knott spoke last week at the City Briefing event in London on ‘Connecting to the Future: How a traditional industry is creating even better value in a modern world’ and shared with the almost 60 attendees a lot of work they have been doing with Outsmart and others – all in all some great industry collaboration going on here, Ed.

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