Mike Collins To Head Titan In Dallas

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Mike Collins has joined Titan Worldwide as its vice-president general manager for the Dallas region.

He joins Titan from Outdoor Media Advisors and the College Billboard Network, which he founded in 2004.

Based in Dallas, Collins is charged with increasing sales and contributing to the overall growth of the market. As well as focusing on local sales, he is also responsible for driving out-of-market sales into the Dallas market and increasing national sales from within.

“We hope to have digital on the sides of buses in Dallas within the next year,” says Collins. “Digital for rail is also in our eventual plans, and we are working on a new media format for the transit field which isn’t ready to be revealed yet.”

Collins began his Out-of-Home career as an account executive for TDI in 1987, was promoted to the positon of Dallas market manager in 1988, and then moved to TDI’s Northern California market in 1990. This market grew to over $30 million annually in Northern California and also generated tens of millions in annual sales for TDI’s other large markets in the U.S..

After TDI became CBS Outdoor in 2001, Collins moved back to Dallas as regional vice-president until founding Outdoor Media Advisors and the College Billboard Network. These companies are now being run by his partners under one umbrella.

Titan, the largest transit advertising company in the U.S., and one of the largest Out-of-Home media companies worldwide, dominates the Dallas market with the DART Bus and Light Rail contract which it took over in 2008.

“Mike joins us with an impressive background and stellar track record,” says Reid Schuster, Titan’s president of sales and marketing. “He has the perfect blend of experience and character to help us succeed in Dallas.”

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