Consumer Traffic Patterns

Chris Sheldrake

STRATACACHE announced Thursday a new service to track and document in store / in branch (we are talking retail banking here) consumer traffic patterns. If what we hear on our US trips is correct it is this particular solution that has helped won them a couple of big (as yet unannounced) new deployments.

This new service is particularly interesting – showing what SaaS providers should be doing, that is continually offering new features and new solutions to existing and new customers.

STRATACACHE’s in-store consumer tracking technology uses intelligent IP cameras to analyse the ongoing consumer traffic pattern within the retail store or branch location.

It counts patrons – such a cute american term, Ed and tracks their flow and dwell through the retail environment.

Bottom line it helps companies select optimal locations for digital messaging based on the consumer’s in-store/in-branch behaviour.

Forgive us for stating the obvious but this is exactly the sort of thing Cisco should have been offering and shouting about – all they needed to do was partner with NICE or someone with similar technology.

STRATACACHE have seemingly developed this themselves – choosing to our mind at least to partner with and harness the power of Intel and its microprocessor range rather than jumping into the arms of a Trumedia or a Quividi.

We have spoken many times before about Intel’s AM development efforts and this announcement from STRATACACHE is the first result of that development effort we believe.

We are awaiting a couple of announcements confirming the rumours we have heard about big wins from STRATACACHE – we’d expect this solution to be a big part of at least one of those.

See also ‘STRATACACHE Audience Measurement White Paper

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