Dynamax Puts Foot in Mouth

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Dynamax succeeded in cheesing off most of the UK’s Press Corps this morning with a cc: email instead of a bcc: to all (well over 100 emaiil addresses).

Anyway I am sure that we have all done this before BUT to add insult to injury there seemed to be some sort of ‘buy one get two free’ special offer on press releases with ‘one becoming three’.

No journalist or editor wants to wade through pages and pages of (potential) story, so why on earth would you release three stories at the same time?

Clark Turner, Editor of Utalkmarketing.com summed it all up nicely when he emailed…

“Thanks all for including me in your correspondence….

Sarah/Donna, Sending out 3 press releases in one mail? What’s that about?

Sorry, have some proper work to be getting on with”.

I also made the point that number 1 in their list of Press Releases (below) wasn’t even news – we wrote about Tom Nix joining Dynamax in New York back on September 9th 2007 !

The press release special offer listed …

  1. Dynamax Technologies Accelerates International Expansion Plans with Official Entrance into North American Digital Signage Market
  2. Dynamax Technologies Releases Latest Version of Its Industry-Leading Digital Signage Software, POVNG3
  3. Dynamax Technologies Forges Strategic Marketing, Business Development Partnership with St. Clair Interactive Communications

There was nothing about the major outdoor announcement that they had hinted may have been made.

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