Privacy Issues in the Digital Space @nikkprivacylaw

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

At The DailyDOOH Media Summit back in May, Nick Graham, of Dentons law firm, looked at data, privacy and security lessons from online and mobile that balance innovation and consumer privacy.

Nick is co-chair of IAPP London KnowledgeNet Chapter and sits on the Panel of Experts for ‘Data Guidance’ and on the Editorial Board of ‘Privacy and Data Protection. At the summit he discussed various high-profile examples from the media which highlight compliance issues surrounding the security of public/private data.

New technology is often closely followed by some form of privacy and security backlash as both startups and more established companies explore the border between innovation and privacy.

Nick broke down his presentation into what he identified as the ‘Hot Topics for 2016

  • Cyber Security Risk
  • Privacy v. Security after the Brussels/Paris attacks
  • Acceleration of global privacy laws
  • New Information Commissioner
  • Anti-Spam Enforcement
  • Safe Harbor 2.0/ Privacy Shield
  • Upgrading to the General Data Protection Regulation
  • BREXIT ?

Nick also discussed the EU versus the US Treatment of Privacy and details of what is Personal Data. Even if data is at the aggregate level, it can still be personal data.

All in all, attendees were treated to a free 30 minute ‘session’ with one of Europe’s top lawyers in the field of data privacy, cyber security, data protection governance and freedom of information!

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