More Than Half UK Population Exposed To Digital Screens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Digicom may be the new kid on the block but they have certainly put their money where their mouth is, and are undertaking (and much better, publishing) the sort of research that perhaps some of the bigger boys should have done previously!

Via international research company GfK, Digicom asked a representative UK sample of 1,005 adults whether they had seen digital advertising screens in the past year – the results were encouraging, with 77% of Londoners claiming they had seen such screens – the highest of any region (this is of course consistent with more screens being deployed in the capital).

The research also showed…

  • More than half of UK population are exposed to digital advertising screens these days
  • Yorkshire & Humberside, Northern Ireland, and especially London, have most exposure
  • Younger people 15-45 see the most screens
  • Digital screens are seen to improve the shopping environment
  • Screens can definitely enhance the advertising proposition (strong agreement)
  • Young people have highest perception of the digital effect

16 – 24’s were a high exposure group with 73% having seen such screens as well as those in full time employment (65%) and ABC1 adults (61%). There is also a slight male bias.

Digicom executive chairman Tom Goddard told us “Digital advertising screens are being seen by an attractive audience: upscale, young, and working full time. That’s a demographic which advertisers are falling over themselves to reach. What’s more, they are clearly well disposed to digital out of home advertising.”

64% of respondents agreed that “digital advertising screens can improve a shopping environment” and younger people were especially in favour, with 86% of 16-24s agreeing with that statement.

Regionally, Scots and Northern Irish were most likely to agree. Males (67%) also agreed more.

There also seems to be a halo effect which digital advertising screens bestow on the advertised brands – three out of four adults (78%) agreed with the statement “digital advertising screens can make the advertised brands or products seem attractive” – an overwhelming 92% of 16-24’s agreed, as did 82% of 25-45’s.

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