Robotic @RadiusDisplays LED Display Times Square

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Those who have actually noticed this new display in New York’s Times Square, seem to have been distinctly unimpressed – we’re yet to see it with our own eyes BUT one New York industry insider told us “it’s the most sophisticated, technically challenging, maintenance risky LED display that I’ve ever seen and it’s been on for weeks now and I still think no one has noticed it”

Radius Displays is preparing to launch, what even they describe as “the most technically sophisticated LED display in the world”.

This robotic LED display is set to go live in August. Radius Displays International tells us that they have spent over four years designing, engineering, testing and fabricating this 2,600 square foot display.

You can probably see what it is trying to do – create a dramatic 3D video experience that is unlike anything else in Times Square. Each LED module moves independently at up to two feet per second, creating multiple display surfaces for a unique lighting pattern that incorporates over 1.5 million individual pixels.

Only time will tell if all of that effort has been worthwhile. At the moment though, it would seem that the jury is definitely out on this one.

2 Responses to “Robotic @RadiusDisplays LED Display Times Square”

  1. Col Says:

    As we all know, displays are driven by content, & this new moving module display has not ‘gone live’ yet, so the content seen presently is only for testing. The display is not trying ‘to be noticed’, so those comments are not unsurprising.
    Perhaps the author should review on post launch assessment, when the content & dynamic moving elements will all come together for the first time?
    Digital innovation should not simply be judged by higher resolution…

  2. John Says:

    This display has been “live” for a few months now. Any updates on this? Is the jury still out on this one?

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