The World Of Good Sleep

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

DSMS S.A., the Digital Signage & Marketing Services folks in Greece have just told us that they have won a digital signage and ‘visual experience’ project with Media Strom.

Despite the sound of the company name, MEDIA STROM is actually the mattress sales leader in the Greek Market (it’s tag line “welcome to the world of good sleep!’).

Media Strom has 25 owned and 50 franchise shops around Greece and is currently looking at a planned expansion in nearby Balkan Countries.

Each shop will have a 42” display for standard digital signage use in the entrance area, a small factor touch screen used as an electronic catalog and product selector / configurator and a set of 4 screens, which are described as ambience / customer experience.

Everything is powered by Planar’s Coolsign so a good win for them in the area.

We are looking forward to receiving some pictures shortly.

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