EK3 Up For Sale

Chris Sheldrake

Word reaches us that Canadian digital signage software vendor EK3 has put itself up for sale.

We bet that they wished they had never touched Walmart Canada and had never heard of Shopcast because both of those will have drained all their profits from their Tim Hortons’ installs!

3 Responses to “EK3 Up For Sale”

  1. PhilGo20 Says:

    That’s really too bad for this industry, especially in Canada, sending a signal to investors that DS is not profitable enough to sustain growth.

    Who’s the next top dog in canada then ?

  2. mcaad Says:

    Shopcast had all the makings of a good revenue generating media company. However, it’s sales team was poorly managed by a digital ooh veteren with little credibility remaining among agencies and clients. Proper professional management of the sales team could have boost this group to top of mind status and profitability. It’s too bad for the industry.

  3. Jennifer Hodgson Says:

    ShopCast did indeed have all the makings of a successful media company. I agree with Mcaad, that EK3 made a fatal mistake with the “meida veteran”. I also believe that ek3 has no media experience and should have not entered waters where they had no expertise or knowledge. As a media buyer, I was promised a rollout schedule on numerous occasions that never did come to fruition. The loss of credibibilty came quickly and any momentum that the real founders of ShopCast created, was quickly abolished by a group of techies who had no idea what they were doing. It’s a shame for the industry, and must be embarassing for the retail giant as well.

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