iCapture Mini

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

TruMedia has just issued a press release announcing the introduction of a new product, iCapture Mini – something they describe as an ‘audience measurement solution for small digital displays’.

We weren’t sure where it fitted in their product line up – it is possible to have too many products you know, so we asked Myra Cohen Doukhan, their Marketing Manager who told us “iCapture Mini is intended for small digital screens on product shelves, kiosks, check-outs etc. We already have the iGaze solution for product displays, iCapture for larger screens and iCapture PROM for proactive advertising. We developed the iCapture Mini based on feedback from advertisers who want to be able to measure exposure to smaller screens in stores, gas stations etc and adapt content to them”.

I doubt if the product was based on feedback from advertisers – brands couldn’t care less on measuring exposure but it may well have been based on feedback from networks and retailers.

Anyhow, it shores up their product line, perhaps offering something at the lower end of the roadmap for buyers.

Quividi used to be the only game in town when it came to audience measurement before Trumedia entered the market (at 2007 Screen Expo as it happens) but now there are half a dozen or so products on the market and more coming.

None of these folks are differentiating themselves in any special way and bottom line we still believe that audience measurement is a technology solution looking for a market rather than a product being requested by the industry.

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