Glasses Free 3D

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This time next week some of us should be safely in Montreal, Canada in prep for presenting (twice) at the JADN.TV event the following day. However there are still a couple of events in London this week that we are looking forward to.

One of them is an invitation to look at a “glasses-free 3D” screen network.

Insight Media and X-Leisure have been working together for a while now on the Xscape 3DTV network – a network currently installed across 3 Xscape venues (one of which features Europe’s largest indoor real snow ski slope) and the 02 Centre, London.

These 4 venues alone can deliver footfall of 20 million per annum!

We understand that Insight Media are looking to extend the network up to a further 18 X-Leisure venues nationwide.

Whilst one US ad agency has described glasses free 3D as ‘the future of TV’ we have heard good (wow) and bad (why bother) about the technology so it will be interesting to see it for ourselves and make up our own mind – 3D screens feature not just realistic depth within the screen but also a projection effect whereby objects appear to float outside of the screen by up to 1 metre.

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