Patio Heaters With Screens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

These innovative patio heaters appeared on Wednesday’s BBC TV’s Dragon’s Den. Note the green patio heater on the far left which featured a small LCD screen at the top.


Eddie Middleton, owner of Westhawk who pitched the concept to the Dragons (the potential investors) didn’t walk away with any money this time around but interestingly during the programme he described the patio heater as a possible ‘entertainment device’.

The screen in the unit shown was kind of tiny but if you think about adding in speakers and music capability as well these heaters might work well for, say example, those smokers sitting outside clubs and bars.

We sort of liked it and it’s yet another good example of innovative street furniture.

5 Responses to “Patio Heaters With Screens”

  1. Geoff Says:

    These heaters are an excellent concept. They look quite attractive, and are `greener` than other more conventional outdoor heaters.

  2. roger kemp Says:

    There are already in the market place alternative products using the same technology. He has already missed the market as most pubs, restaurants and hotels fitted this type of product when smoking was banned in public places. They will also need to be fixed otherwise they tend to “walk”

  3. Ian Says:

    I have just bought one of these heaters, if you get too close the heater switches it’s self off, which means that you need to be about 1.5 metres away, the screen would need to be much bigger to be really visible.

    Secondly, health and safety issues prevail outside bars, hence why most heaters are out of reach.

    Homebase sell these heaters at £300, quite expensive in comparison to other commercial outside heaters.

    That said I like them, not sure of the commercial value.

  4. Matt Says:

    I would really like one of these – I can’t find them on the homebase website? Any help?

  5. Paul Says:

    If you can’t find the zeus is available here:
    The version with screen is not available until later this year

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