End-to-End Contactless Sampling From @VengoLabs

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Vengo is launching, what it describes as, the first end-to-end contactless sampling solution for a post-COVID-19 world.

Vengo has swiftly adapted its programs to provide solutions to both brands and consumers in new ways that address preferences that promote wellness and safety.

Consumers have always loved receiving samples, and will continue to do so; Mfour Quarantine Insights notes that 72% of shoppers are trying new brands today. Brands often rely on sampling to attract consumers, and now Vengo provides new ways to get samples into the hands of consumers. Vengo’s contactless sampling solution combines the best of digital with the best of physical by connecting its network of over 1400 interactive kiosks with mobile phones.

Brands and retailers get targeted consumer information from sample recipients who have opted in and are ready to share their preferences and try new products.

Courtney Grand, Director, Accounts at Elevate, IPG Mediabands said “Sampling is a big part of our CPG clients’ marketing strategies. Vengo is a very effective partner to sample products while collecting valuable first-party opt-in consumer data. The extension to mobile is a perfect next step to go even deeper on understanding and acquiring these consumers.”

Vengo has made the sampling process easy and sanitary. When a person walking by a Vengo kiosk sees an engaging video on a Vengo display, she can now use her own mobile phone to interact with the machine and receive a sample.

  • Using his or her phone, she enters the Vengo machine number which is displayed on the screen
  • On his or her phone’s browser, an item is selected, which launches an interactive brand experience
  • Vengo verifies he or she is a real and unique person
  • The Vengo kiosk dispenses the sample with an end-to-end contactless experience
  • The sample is collected from the machine

Brian Shimmerlik, Vengo’s CEO told us “Given the current COVID-19 guidelines, we know that now is the time for contactless solutions to meet the needs of today’s consumers. We are excited to enable smart sampling solutions that brands can stand behind and consumers can access without concern for their health.”

For more information about running sampling programs through Vengo’s network, contact brands@vengolabs.com.

Vengo Labs’ digital kiosks serve both consumer packaged goods and place-based digital out-of-home media, marrying the convenience of online shopping with instant access to products via brick-and-mortar retail. Today, over 1,400 Vengo digital kiosks meet consumers in the places they spend time to provide the right product at the right moment and can be found in major markets in the US.

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