Digital Signage Expert Tour Goes To Düsseldorf

Chris Sheldrake

One day soon the show organisers are going to get wind that Minicom turn up, do an expert tour but usually pay nothing for the privilege of (effectively) exhibiting (to be fair at Screen Media Expo Europe 2009 where they first started the tour concept they were also a big exhibitor).

The latest announcement is that the Digital Signage Expert Tour will hit Viscom Düsseldorf 1st to 3rd October 2009. Minicom describe it best…

The Digital Signage Expert Tour is an educational framework, helping visitors understand and experience the full digital out-of-home application on the show floor.

This free tour will provide an overview of a selection of carefully hand-picked exhibitors following the accurate path of the digital signage supply chain, from content creation to traffic management, outlining how they fit into the overall Digital Signage puzzle.

Ronni Guggenheim, CEO Minicom Digital Signage told us “We are excited about the opportunity to expand the scope and framework of our Digital Signage Experts’ Tour by officially partnering with Reed Exhibitions Germany, the organizers of the viscom exhibition.”

He added “The tour was an outstanding success at Screenmedia Expo London and Infocomm Orlando, providing a groundbreaking platform of education for the visitors of the shows. Traditionally, a visitor finds it difficult to get a bird’s eye view of the overall application. The Digital Signage Experts’ Tour answers this need by providing the full end-to-end story with real live demos of each piece in the puzzle, an overview of the solution which a visitor would normally not get.”

This year’s tour will allows participants to listen to the tour guide’s explanations without surrounding interferences and accomplish its objectives by ensuring listeners hear everything with a tour audio system made by ListenTech .

Petra Lassahn, the viscom Event Director commented “The cooperation complements our Starter Workshop Digital Signage perfectly. The guided tour gives the participants the opportunity to experience practically what has been learnt before in theory and to discuss issues directly with the exhibiting companies.”

3 Responses to “Digital Signage Expert Tour Goes To Düsseldorf”

  1. Ronni Guggenheim Says:

    Dear Chris, while I appreciate critical views and questioning, I suggest for you to use the public space of the blog more carefully when judging the hard work of other market players and make believe that the show organizers are naive. The Digital Signage Expert Tour is a carefully worked concept which requires extensive preparations and major investments by the organizers. We at Minicom Digital Signage still believe that the added value of education is key to bring the market as a whole forward in a productive manner. Minicom Digital Signage has accrued over ten years in depth experience about the full value chain of the DS application, and this is exactly what we are sharing with the market. No doubts that any commercial organization, such as you are as well, have an interest in positioning themselves in the market space and create contacts with creative marketing such as the Digital Signage Expert Tour. You are invited to join the effort in being creative.

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:


    I could say what makes a manufacturer of KVM switches and cables an expert in digital signage but that would be unfair as your tours are actually quite good. I will ask though, four questions: –

    1. DId you take floor stand exhibition space at InfoComm this year in Florida?

    2. Are you taking floor stand exhibition space at Viscom in Germany?

    3. Do you pay the organisers of any of these shows for doing the tours?

    4. If everyone else has to pay to exhibit why do you feel you don’t have to pay to do a tour?

  3. Ronni Guggenheim Says:


    Have you been forever a digital signage expert or were you a an IT person and CTO for other technologies, too? By the way, we don’t produce cables, we develop and manufacture advanced technology based on IP and CAT5 for the data centre and for the last mile of digital signage. Everyone in this young market originates from other, somehow related verticals, having developed more or less deep expertise for the DS application.

    To answer your questions: we are not taking floor space at every exhibition as we – as most other companies in the market – simply cannot afford to participate at every event. At some of them it is a based on a give&take as apparently Minicom Digital Signage expertise is important enough to add value to an event and drive traffic to the show.

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