#AR Stagwell Launch ARound

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Stagwell Inc. (NASDAQ: STGW) has announced that it will launch an innovative, location-based augmented reality platform, ARound, bringing shared experiences to live events and the retail space by engaging audiences through connected interactions in the metaverse.

Josh Beatty, ARound founder and CEO told us “Until now, AR has focused on the individual – but ARound recognizes that the best connections come from shared experiences that connect individuals to the world around them. Location-based AR is a relatively new and evolving space, and spatial computing represents the next major computing innovation – one that will focus less on the way we receive information and more on the way we connect with what is around us. While devices often cause distraction, ARound enables users to be more present at events, connecting people and places through shared technology.”

Stagwell will unveil and demo ARound at #CES2022 on its booth #CS-10 in the C-Space at Aria and during CES Unveiled on January 3 at Mandalay Bay and Pepcom Digital Experience on January 4 at The Mirage.

ARound helps venues and retailers create AR attractions for live events, bringing audiences together at scale where they can play, interact, and socialize in completely new and exciting ways. Stadiums and sports teams can now engage casual fans or customers by recapturing their attention and personalizing their experiences. Retail consumers will benefit from a more connected, immersive community experience that increases brand engagement.

Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO, Stagwell said “Consumers have lost patience for boring, impersonal, and disconnected marketing. And the race for their attention in today’s digital marketplace couldn’t be tighter. ARound offers clients an opportunity to chart a new course in a powerful – and fast growing – dimension of consumer experiences. We’re proud to support Josh as he works to bring the product to life”.

ARound is currently being trialed by global retailer H&M, as well as a Major League Baseball team at their stadium. More partners will be announced early next year.

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