Programmatic: The OOH WAVE of the Future?

Guest Contributor, Chad Smith

As more people are emerging from the pandemic and getting back to normal, out-of-home is making a comeback stronger than ever. Several trends are driving this: digital burnout, screen fatigue, and data privacy concerns are merging with a move towards people spending more time out of their homes.

This is great news for you as a media owner BUT there is something else that’s crushing OOH’s growth rate: programmatic digital out-of-home.

If you aren’t familiar with programmatic digital out-of-home (PDOOH), you need to keep your eye on this space. Why?

Because it’s set to grow 56% this year, vastly outpacing all other digital marketing tactics. Because media buyers are increasingly more comfortable selling DOOH to their clients if it can be purchased programmatically. And because it can stand to make you more money with no extra effort.

What is programmatic? Programmatic advertising is the use of AI to purchase digital ad space rather than traditional, manual methods of media buying. It works to fully automate the ad buying process, reducing human eros and hidden costs while improving transparency. Applied to digital out-of-home, it brings the best targeting and measurement capabilities of digital into the high-impact, high-reach world of outdoor advertising.

Most importantly for you, programmatic helps you achieve optimal monetization of your ad space without adding extra costs. Using Blip to integrate all the major platforms like Vistar, Place Exchange, Hivestack, and Adomni allows you to avoid leaving money on the table (or on the billboard, if you will).

Blip/Adkom can help you get in on the programmatic game today through our proprietary platform. Just reach out to us to find out how PDOOH can change your business for the better.

Chad Smith is Head of Media Owner Supply & Customer Success, Blip Billboards and is their ‘media owner champion’. He is the liaison for their independent owner partners, helping them get the results they’re looking for with the Blip/Adkom platform. For queries about how Blip/Adkom can help your business succeed with out-of-home, email him at

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