iPlaces.com / Clear Channel Outdoor, San Francisco

Chris Sheldrake

Back in June 2009 Qwikker launched iPlaces.com – described as the “first hotspot-based mobile marketing service tailored to reach the millions of iPhone users” and if rumours are correct then it looks like Clear Channel in San Francisco are starting to make use of it.

iPlaces is a complete hardware and software solution and web-based service to set up, manage, and deliver branded content from wireless hotspots. Wherever an iPlaces-powered hotspot is deployed, companies can engage wirelessly with iPhone and iTouch users. iPlaces takes consumers directly to a free download, a branded content site, or a purchase page.

Qwikker CEO Steve Friedlander told us “We have taken the ‘location, location, location’ cliché literally. iPlaces can be set up anywhere people go, from a coffee shop, to a movie theatre, to the back of a taxi,

Brands can launch mobile marketing campaigns and serve up applications, video, music, web pages, mobile coupons and other content through iPlaces. Application developers can also use iPlaces to directly market and sell their applications, giving consumers a direct link to their content within the Apple App Store.

  • iPlaces for Brands: iPlaces lets companies build campaigns around free downloadable mobile content that is valuable, entertaining, and redeemable, including video, music, and mobile coupons. Companies can choose locations from an existing roster of iPlaces partner networks or light up a new iPlaces hotspot for a targeted campaign.
  • iPlaces for Location Owners: Current Wi-Fi hotspot operators, retailers, and out-of-home advertising networks can add iPlaces to their existing locations. They can deliver their own content for marketing purposes or make their locations available to Qwikker’s network of third party advertisers and add a new revenue stream to their locations.
  • iPlaces for Developers: Simply being in the app store – one application among hundreds of thousands – doesn’t guarantee downloads. iPlaces lets developers get noticed by driving people through managed, custom landing pages into the App store from key locations or events. Developers can choose specific locations from the iPlaces partner network, set a budget, and hit a targeted audience.

“We make it simple for consumer brands and location owners – like outdoor advertising companies and retailers– to become mobile marketers and leverage the popularity of the iPhone,” said Friedlander.

About Qwikker’s iPlaces

iPlaces is a new mobile marketing service tailored to deliver compelling, branded content like digital coupons, applications, music, Web pages and more to iPhone users. iPlaces, developed by Qwikker, uses existing or new wireless networks so companies and application developers can send content directly to consumers’ mobile phones.

With iPlaces, companies can easily set up targeted mobile marketing campaigns in any location – from a storefront to outdoor billboards – and deliver content to the iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices.

Qwikker is the leader in proximity marketing solutions for mobile devices and delivers tailored on-demand content to consumers over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SMS. Qwikker has partnerships with leading media companies including Clear Channel Outdoor, CBS Outdoor, and Prime Point Media. Brands that have used Qwikker technology include Coca-Cola, eMusic, Ford, Giorgio Armani, Diesel, Live Nation, Nokia, Sony Pictures, Smithsonian, US Army National Guard, and Virgin Media.

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