Capital One UK Delivers Daily Cheer

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Capital One UK has launched its new and innovative digital OOH campaign, and 60” Television Commercial This follows the initial launch in August of its new ‘One’ visual hero and ‘One Good Thing’ concept devised by Fold7, with planning and buying by the7stars.

Joe Pratt, Media Planner at the7stars told us “The7stars role was to bring Capital One’s new brand proposition; One Good Thing, to life through clever media execution in unmissable environments. To drive attentive reach in a category that is inherently passive, we needed to think differently to capture and engage the audience’s attention. By building a ‘Good Newsroom’ for digital OOH, we were able to give consumers One Good Thing by dynamically delivering a positive news story every day. Tying the brand into interesting contexts and news stories created impact and stand out with fresh and timely content. A great result for a typically practical and low interest category.”

Capital One UK believes the way to effect real change for the better is to focus on tangible outcomes “one small, good thing at a time”. Delivering on its commitment, the campaign brings to life how the credit card provider fulfils the day-to-day needs of customers, which helps their lives through small, thoughtful actions that highlight the care and consideration the company invests in to make credit a better experience.

In a first for the brand, a ‘One Good Thing Newsroom’ has been created, using dynamic digital OOH 6-sheets to highlight good news in a wider news landscape of negative headlines. The creative will change and be updated in near real-time, responding to news, weather, pop culture and more in an attempt to bring some national cheer.

Andy Clayton, head of brand at Capital One UK commented: “Our latest build on the One Good Thing platform reminds people how Capital One UK is committed to improving our customers’ experiences with us through small thoughtful actions. Our customers are the heart of our business and in a time of real financial uncertainty, we remain committed to helping them by doing one small good thing at a time.”

A 60” film runs alongside the OOH, highlighting the small and delightful ways in which Capital One help their customers. the7stars is leading the media strategy, which includes BVOD, Cinema, Social and Audio. Dynamic OOH is activated through the folks at

Verity Fine Hosken, Fold7 creative director, was quoted as saying “With most people now facing a winter of financial worry, marketing teams need to tone down the hyperbole and think very carefully about what their service actually does to help. The outlook is getting real, people aren’t looking to be “empowered”, “educated” or “transformed” into financial wizards. They just want it as simple, fast, and risk-free as possible. In this climate, that’s refreshing – and the real story here.

Brand tracking is being conducted by Kantar to measure both spontaneous awareness and perceptions.

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