Hypercell Joins @DPAAorg

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

DPAA, the global trade marketing association, driving the growth and digitization of out-of-home media today and its growing role in the omnichannel mix, announced this week that Hypercell has joined the association.

Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA told us “We are happy to have Hypercell as part of our global community. We look forward to their participation and contributions to help make the industry stronger”.

Hypercell’s mission is to bring the accuracy of online media impressions into the OOH world. Hypercell has developed a unique Plug & Play solution for collecting real-time data for OOH impressions, dwell times and pedestrian routes within any display network. The service combines both hardware and software seamlessly, allowing OOH business owners to get accurate reports of any advertising campaign with a click of a button.

Tommi Hippeläinen, CEO of Hypercell said “I am thrilled to have us join DPAA as an official member and excited to connect Hypercell with global stakeholders in OOH media. I look forward to how DPAA can open us new doors in the industry, while helping us connect with everyone interested in bringing the true, real-time measurability of online media to the physical world of OOH advertising!”

Hypercell’s solution helps OOH businesses in justifying their rates and create new pricing models based on peak times during special events like concerts or sports events. It assists ad agencies in investing more into OOH and programmatic DOOH advertising while bridging the gap between online media and physical advertising.

Hypercell, a Finnish company founded in 2018, specializes in measuring impressions for OOH Advertising, Retail Business, Commercial Real Estate and Smart Cities. Hypercell recently entered a multi year contract with JCDecaux Finland, who changed their sales strategy from selling campaign time to selling actual DOOH impressions. The service is already utilized in 20 of the biggest cities in Finland by JCDecaux with further markets to follow.

Hypercell’s service provides an efficient, turnkey solution for measuring the amount of people, dwell time and routes, in urban environments and any desired targeted area at any selected time interval.

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