Press Junket, La Coruña, Spain

Chris Sheldrake

If we are exceedingly nice about Maler Corporation or perhaps TELentice you will know it’s because Adrian and Andrew came back yesterday from a press junket in La Coruña, Spain.

AJC, La Coruna, SpainApart from it being sunny and them staying in a nice hotel overlooking the beach and the sea I am assured that they toured Maler Corp’s NOC and offices, saw demonstrations of scheduling and operations (including the next day’s CBS Outdoor campaigns on the London DEPs, XTP and 6-sheets), had dinner in a two starred Michelin restaurant and still managed to fit in a detailed overview of TELentice’s software offerings.

All I can say to the man shown in this picture is “Learn to smile, shave more often, get rid of that stupid tuft of hair on the top of your head and lose some weight”

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  1. Chris Riegel Says:

    Apparently we now know who DIDN’T get to go to Spain.

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