Cyprus’s Co-operative Banks Reach Rural Customers

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Scala Certified Partner Eyecatching Media (Cyprus) has created a retail banking and community network, similar we think to the highly successful Jyske Bank install in Denmark, that offers Cyprus’ Cooperative Bank customers in rural branches the same benefits as urban customers, including information on the latest financial products and services, interest rates, exchange rates and local business messaging.

Founded in 1937, the Co-operative Central Bank (‘the Co-op’) provides banking services to rural communities across Cyprus. Through 160 societies and 470 branches, it operates as a centralized non-profit facility providing private and commercial banking, personal and corporate insurance, and lending and liquidity services.

Within the Society, the following banks have adopted digital signage: Limassol Co-operative Savings Bank, Nicosia Co-operative Savings Bank, Aradippou-Dromolaxias Co-operative Bank, Konteas Co-operative Bank, Strovolou Co-operative Bank, Kato Varwsion New Co-operative Savings Bank, Pylas Co-operative Bank and Daliou Co-operative Bank.

Interestingly in these particular installations the banks all wanted to generate additional revenue for stakeholders through the creation of an advertising mechanism for non-competitive advertisers in the local community.

The banks’ adoption of digital signage began back in 2002 when Limassol Co-operative Savings Bank and Nicosia Co-operative Savings Bank partnered with Eyecatching Media to design, develop and operate their digital signage deployments.

Theo Leonidou, CEO of Eyecatching Media told us “These banks are innovative businesses, and it was no surprise when they originally approached us to help them design, develop and build their network. What we found particularly rewarding was their intention to use the network to provide a genuinely enhanced service for rural customers and to support key brand values by helping the local community however it could,”

Each bank branch uses one or two 40” LCD screens positioned strategically, mainly above or adjacent to the customer service counters, to enable waiting customers to clearly view the screens’ content which runs in a loop of around 20 minutes to reflect an average waiting time of 10 to 20 minutes.

In a typical Co-op branch, a program consists of a branded channel identity; key Co-op or affiliate products and services; news of the Co-op’s corporate social responsibility efforts; relevant corporate news, announcements and customer invitations; real-time information with editorial and promotional information; and community and commercial messages from local advertisers.

The Co-op network provides an opportunity for local business customers of the bank to reach the local community by advertising their products and services on a branch-specific basis. Typical clients include hair salons and restaurants.

About Eyecatching Media

Eyecatching Media (Cyprus) LTD was founded in 2008; however, the founders of have been involved in the digital signage industry for the last ten years, since its actual global evolution. During these years, the senior management of Eyecatching Media has carried out many projects in Cyprus, Greece, and other foreign countries. The company’s major aim is to use digital dynamic signage to manage and communicate promotional, advertising and informative messages in the “out of home” environment. Furthermore, one of Eyecatching Media’s goals is to develop synergies with companies in Retail, Advertising and Media in order to build digital signage and media networks that will absorb advertising budgets.

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    Hi Adrian,
    It’s good to see you recognize the Jyske Bank installation as a highly successful installation. I would have preferred though if you would have mentioned CoolSign with it, as the article is a little suggestive like it could be a Scala install.
    Keep up the good work.

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