Vpon And @VIOOH Strategic Partnership

Tristan Cotterill

Vpon Big Data Group has announced a strategic partnership with VIOOH whch we are tld will leverage Vpon’s diverse and extensive mobile data and AI creative technology, ‘InVnity’, along with VIOOH’s global digital outdoor advertising programmatic inventories.

Vpon Big Data Group (Vpon), a leading big data company in Asia, has announced a strategic partnership with VIOOH

Calvin Chan, CEO of VIOOH China told us “We are very pleased to announce that VIOOH and Vpon Big Data Group has established a strategic partnership. Through the partnership with VIOOH, Vpon’s clients can now purchase VIOOH’s quality global DOOH inventory through Vpon’s DSP. This allows more media planners and advertisers to obtain programmatic digital Out-Of-Home advertising in omni-channel sales activities, which is one of the key areas of interest for the market now.”

The partnership will enable advertisers to display their content on a specific day or time period through programmatic buying, with advertising visuals created by ‘InVnity’ artificial intelligence for varying target audience.

Vpon reaches over 900 million mobile devices every month, holds a vast amount of mobile device data, and possesses high-quality media resources in the Asia-Pacific region and has recently developed the AI visual creative generator ‘InVnity’ which is able to generate unique advertising content automatically based on user device tags including age, location, and preferences.

Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Vpon Big Data Group said “95% of brand advertisers believe that more and more resources will be placed on the programmatic advertising trading platform in the upcoming future.”

Each advertising copy and image is created specifically for different audiences, delivering the advertiser’s message to each potential customer in a more personalized and targeted manner. With an extensive data collection system, Vpon is enriching and will continue to enrich ‘InVnity’ and its machine learning with big data.

We asked ChatGPT what you would call a conference around the subjects of Generative AI and ChatGPT and how they might affect the Out of Home industry.

It came up with ‘AdAI: OOH – Conference. The Impact of Generative AI and ChatGPT on Out-of-Home Advertising‘.

It’s an event that we are currently exploring and one that could be held in Toronto as soon as November.

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