Appspace / @SharpNEC_EU Workplace Collaboration

Andrew Neale

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe and Appspace have announced that they will collaborate to enhance workplace experiences.

Through the collaboration, their customers’ staff and visitors can easily interact with information in their respective workplace environments. The workplace management software from Appspace is certified for NEC displays with the integrated modular MPi4 Mediaplayer or Intel SDM slot-in PC.

Nils Karsten, Business Segment Lead Retail at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe said “The integration with Appspace technology on our modular SoC and Intel SDM computing devices brings greater choice and flexibility for our customers. As we share many strong corporate and retail brands that already appreciate our technologies, we can combine our vision to help organisations deliver on better and more engaged workplaces.”

Appspace claims to offer a solution that delivers workplace experiences that work for everyone, everywhere. From a single platform, the physical and digital workplace is united, encompassing digital signage, enterprise communications and space booking tools, accessible through workplace displays and on personal devices.

Paul Alley, Director of Technology Partnerships and Alliances at Appspace said “Partnering with Sharp/NEC means our customers have access to globally available hardware that’s reliable, flexible, and sustainable, with modular computing options customisable to meet requirements”.

Widely used by many of the world’s leading organisations, Appspace is trusted for communications across corporate and retail environments, enhancing engagement and empowering work-from-anywhere experiences.

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