The @OMA_Australia 2022 Annual Report

Tristan Cotterill

The Australian Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has released its 2022 Annual Report, reflecting a continued commitment to sustainable communities and innovations for advertisers.

OMA CEO Elizabeth McIntyre said “The Outdoor industry had a successful 2022, with revenue goals reached, a growing membership and positive market feedback across initiatives including the Creative Collection, Creative Guidelines, Industry Standards, and the launch of MOVE 1.5. This positions us well for the launch of MOVE 2.0 which will revolutionise audience measurement, and provide increased granularity on Out of Home audiences. It’s all part of our evolving strategy to build a stronger, more prosperous and resilient industry into the long term”.

Key Highlights from the report include:

  • Community responsibility: OMA members have generously donated advertising space valued at more than $126M to over 218 organisations. This includes the OMA led healthy eating campaign Better than you Remember, launched in partnership with Health and Wellbeing Queensland and Nutrition Australia, valued at $8M and reaching 10.4M people over four weeks.
  • Digital transformation: The industry continues to grow digital Out of Home (DOOH) opportunities, with DOOH revenue reaching 64.1 per cent of total revenue.
  • Innovation propelling growth: The OMA launched MOVE 1.5, a significant upgrade on MOVE to provide audience data and user-friendly reporting for both classic and digital signs. Industry Standards and the Neuro Impact Factor (NIF) are giving agencies and advertisers a qualitative measure to help better understand the impact of their campaigns and supercharge their campaign decision making power.
  • Future Focused: Attention, reach and impact metrics will be coupled with the release of an industry Impression Multiplier that provides a standard measurement methodology for campaigns bought programmatically. The automated Insertion Order (IO) is also in development, allowing for one source of information for media owners, agencies, and verification providers. All set for release in 2023 and paving the way for what’s to come with MOVE 2.0.

Elizabeth McIntyre added “The Out of Home channel is one of the most trusted for broadcasting community awareness messaging with the power to influence positive sentiment and behavioural change. As an example, 40 per cent of survey respondents indicated they were inspired to add more vegetables to their own and their children’s meals after having seen the Better than you Remember campaign. We recognise our significant role and responsibility as an industry, in supporting charity and government initiatives by supplying them access to audiences. The Annual Report is testament to the remarkable growth and resilience of the OOH advertising industry in Australia. With our $17M investment in developing and launching MOVE 2.0 in 2024, the industry will continue to evolve and thrive, driven by solid data, technology, creativity, and a commitment to community and sustainability.”.

The OOH industry again united to deliver other community awareness messaging in 2022 such as National Missing Persons Week in partnership with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and RSL campaign’s Light up the Dawn Anzac Day and Remember to Remember Remembrance Day campaigns.

The report highlights another milestone in 2022: the OMA experienced its most significant increase in membership since its establishment in 1939 with 12 new members joining the Association, bringing the OMA closer to representing 100 per cent of the industry.

Launching in 2024, MOVE 2.0 will deliver accurate audience data of digital and classic signs in a more granular way that allows for monthly and seasonal variations, as well as hourly movements, 365 days a year, across more than 100,000 metro and regional OOH sites.

You can download the OMA Annual Report 2022 here or contact for a hard copy.

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