ECN To Report Carbon Emissions Per Ad Campaign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Executive Channel Network has launched a new climate calculation that gives
brand partners the estimated carbon emissions their advertising campaign will generate. ECN will als pays for the offsetting for every single campaign, making all advertising climate neutral on its DOOH office media network.

ECN, which has 700+ million playouts in each country every year, calculates the carbon emissions for every single playout on its 850 screens. Each campaign has a unique carbon calculation, which includes all Scope 1 inputs for equipment owned or operated by ECN including the digital screens, media players and other electrical equipment. A typical one week campaign on their UK network generates approximately 0.09 Co2 tonnes which is the equivalent of driving 200 miles.

Charles Parry-Okeden, Global CEO, ECN told us “We commenced this journey with Climate Partner in 2021, when we audited the carbon emissions of our DOOH network. As a pure-play digital publisher, our carbon emissions are extremely low when compared to other digital online and OOH media. However we were determined to deploy this latest innovation to provide another level of transparency and accountability to our brand partners”.

Another independent study (May 2022) promoted by iDOOH in Germany highlighted that DOOH generates the lowest carbon emissions per 1,000 audience contacts, when compared to all other forms of mainstream media. DOOH was found to generate up to 20x less carbon emissions per 1,000 contacts when compared to TV or online advertising.

The carbon calculation will be supplied with every campaign booked on ECN.

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