Smart Outdoor Assets Acquired By @WildstoneUK

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Wildstone, the leading owner of outdoor media infrastructure assets in Europe, renowned for spearheading the digital revolution in the roadside OOH market, has taken a significant step in diversifying its portfolio with a major acquisition of assets from Smart Outdoor.

The acquisition includes 41 digital panels of various formats, with the majority strategically located within retail and transport hubs across the UK. This move marks Wildstone’s expansion beyond its traditional Roadside focus and entry into alternative OOH environments.

Digital 6-sheets (D6) located in key retail and transport settings represent the vast majority of the acquired portfolio, along with a number of roadside assets.
Smart Outdoor will continue to market all of these digital displays as a media operator and will use this strategic partnership with Wildstone as a driver for further growth across the country.

Michael Smith, Strategic Partnerships Director at Wildstone, says:
“This acquisition represents a pivotal moment for Wildstone as we venture into new formats. By expanding our digital presence into retail and transport centres, we open the door to new and exciting opportunities across Europe. Our collaboration with Smart Outdoor has been instrumental in making this venture possible.”

Wildstone’s commitment to innovation and expansion has positioned the company as a major player in the European OOH market. The acquisition of assets from Smart Outdoor reaffirms Wildstone’s dedication to delivering unparalleled outdoor advertising infrastructure solutions to media operators across diverse settings.

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